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Generate a detailed blog section for AI Text and Image Generation. In the blog post discuss how text and images are created by AI, in a sassy tone.

I’m here to talk about AI text and image generation. If you’re like me, you probably wondered how AI creates text and images. In this blog post, I’ll explain everything in detail.

First, let’s talk about text. Text generation is a difficult task, and it’s not always easy to create good text. That’s why AI is so great at it. AI can create text that’s both accurate and engaging.

Here’s an example of AI text. This text was generated by an AI text generator.

The best way to improve your productivity is to get organised. Get a to-do list and start checking things off as you finish them. This will help you stay on track and get more done.

It sounds easy, but it’s not. Getting organised is hard, but it’s worth it.

Now let’s talk about images. Images are also a difficult task, and they’re not always easy to create good images. That’s why AI is so great at it. AI can create images that will give you that creative edge.

The AI engine has searched the net and analysed millions of images and styles so it can create the image that's right for you.

Finally I will let you in on a secret this text was written by AI

ServicesHow I Can Help YOU!

I am fluent in all major operating systems and are able to assist individuals and companies

for OS in $(“Windows”,”Linux”,”MacOS”,”iOS”,”Android”) do
  echo “$OS skills excellent”

Networks, devices, data  and secure user & document management is extremely important

I have automated many daily business tasks for numerous clients as well as designed solutions for individuals smart homes.Smart homes are not v geeky gimmicks they can save you time, energy and therefore money. Smart devices add extra security to your home and loved ones. With a smart plug and motion sensor you could be aware of an elderly relative's activities without being intrusive and add an Alexa and a RF gateway and you could help them change channels or set the air conditioner the possibilities are endless.

I am able to take your idea and create a web solution using many different frameworks. 

I have edited everything from Wedding Videos, Music Videos, Television Programmes and Commercials. That have aired on the major TV Networks in New Zealand and around the world.

Sports programmes like Grassroots Rugy, general entertainment shows like Gone Fishing and magazine shows for Maori Television

I can source and edit your online content

Let's face it we all only use a fraction of what our computer devices are capable of, I can assist you get the most from your device whether it be your humble desktop computer or the latest mobile phone

Three years ago I ditched my laptop and desktop computer and now do most of my computing on a iPad.

I can assess  your current device situation and offer training or a device upgrade pathway

Based in Havelock North, Hawke's Bay, New Zealand Callum has returned from Auckland after many years of running his own Video Production company. Callum is now focussed on technology based projects in the area of Image acquisition, home automation and computer systems. Callum has a laser cutter and can prototype any of his designs to give you a real useable solution to your technology requirement. Callum is currently working with these technologies;

  • Small business/home networks
  • Web Design
  • Arduino ESP32 applications e.g. "QRcode Bookings and COVID compliance
  • Laser Cutting and 3D Printing
  • Bitcoin Payment Systems
  • Photograph restoration and storage
My Projects and GuidesTechnology should be easy?


The skills I have developed in business

Laser Projects

Ortur Laser cutting

Bitcoin and Payment Networks

Change is coming