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A quick guide to Lightburn

Always burn a test chart it only take 100mm x 100mm of material at is a great guide

There are three major variables when laser cutting
1. Power of the laser
2. Speed of the laser
3. The interval between lines

if you have only tested burning lines then started burning a detailed image or outline only for it to be a burned mess then you might like to adjust the interval.

Sometimes it is better to burn multiple passes rather than wind the laser to full power and go slow the speed down to do the cut in one pass


here are three test charts burnt with same power and speed the difference is the interval.

You want to get the interval so each square is evenly coloured with banding or lines, this stops your burn from doubling the burn when doing the fills as opposed to lines

You should do a few charts for every type of material you use and keep them for reference.

When burning images you want the setting that gives a nice even colour that is not too dark , the lighter shades will be produced by the dithering of the image when you process it in Lightburn