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Login to your Samba Server using Active Directory account

When you have your servers running samba it is sometime handy to allow users to login using their AD credentials so you don't have to worry about permissions etc.

Here are my steps to enable this:

  1. In your sub.conf add the following to enable logins to the shell
    template shell /bin/bash template home /home/%D/%U   
    (%D=domain and %U=username, this is the default)
  2. run pam-auth-update on Debian to check libpam-winbind is install this enables Windows NT/Domain authentication.
  3. Restart your server (This must be done to ensure everything is reloaded correctly)

You should now be able to SSH into your server using your Active Directory account. Example YOURDOMAIN\username@yourserver sometimes you may need to use YOURDOMAIN\\username@yourserver