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Starling Satellite Static IP via VPN

Yes you can get a static IP via a VPN and it works well

I have a Starlink satellite with ethernet adapter that connects to my existing ASUS mesh. I use a linux box as a gateway for my network to access a server with a static IP over VPN using wireGuard.

Things to make it work

1. To get the ethernet adapter to work you need to connect it all together it plugs inbetween the dishy and WIFI Router. Then in the configuration app enable router bypass mode (dont worry you can undo this mode. My ASUS Mesh all I had to do was change IP mode from static to auto and it obtained a IP address

2. Configure wireguard both ends it is vert simple just follow the wireguard quick start guide. If you configure it by using the command line when  you have it running you can export the config file and make it all automatic.
Remember Wireguard MTU should be below 1500 I used 1360
Your server in the cloud I used must accept the VPN port and ICMP

3. Configure VULTR firewall to accept any ports you require to be forwarded to your internal network. Then setup IPtables to forward the ports or UFW